Turn to Star Skips for the Removal and Recycling of Your Building Waste

It’s no secret that South Africa has a waste management crisis. In fact, the management of domestic and commercial waste in South Africa is currently in hot water. Did you know that the City of Cape Town generates 70% of the municipal waste in the Western Cape alone, and that Gauteng alone generates around 45% of South Africa's entire municipal waste? Furthermore, did you know that we’re running out of landfill space? To be exact, we’ve got about 10 years left!

Recycling Statistics in South Africa

According to the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), only 3.3% of the country's population recycle and of the 19 million tons of yearly generated municipal waste, 75% is green waste, recyclables and building waste, while the remaining 25% is glass, paper, tins, glass and plastics. The bottom line is that no one wants to recycle in South Africa, which is causing huge problems for our environment and our economy.

Star Skips

While waste management is defined as the generation, transportation, recovery, separation, storage, monitoring, prevention and disposal of all types of waste, every sector generates different kinds of waste. From agricultural, commercial and residential, to industrial and building waste – not all waste can be disposed of in the same way. We have a fundamental environmental and social responsibility and we, at Star Skips, recognised the need for waste management assistance in South Africa and that’s why we exist. 

Our Aim is to Make a Difference to the Environment

While the best solution for reducing pressure on landfill space is through proper waste removal and recycling, at Star Skips, we’re here to do exactly that! Situated in provinces throughout South Africa, our aim is to make a difference to our environment and economy through best practice sustainable waste management solutions. While alarming statistics show that the majority of South Africans do not recycle, at Star Skips we do!

At Star Skips, we take the environment and pollution seriously, and find responsible ways to dispose of your waste through the distribution of recycling and composting methods that are in line with South Africa’s Integrated Pollution and Waste Management policy. As a waste management company at the forefront of waste management solutions, we offer unrivalled quality, service and support to every industry sector within South Africa.

When it comes to building waste removal in South Africa, you can always count on us. To learn more about how our building waste removal bins work, contact our friendly team today.