Construction Waste Removal Just a Phone Call Away!

Construction waste removal is a key concern for our country, and as one of the benchmarks of a modern society that has grown and progressed, the way that we remove and dispose of our waste says a lot about who we are as a nation. No construction project, big or small can run smoothly without the proper removal of the waste that it generates. While you might think that clearing a construction site is fairly simply, you couldn’t be more misinformed.

Anyone in the construction industry can testify to the many difficulties of removing rubble and concrete – it is a specialised job that not only gets quite complicated, but it can also get incredibly dangerous, especially if not removed and disposed of according to best practice principles. Construction waste removal is a big business in South Africa that requires the right skilled team to remove the construction waste efficiently and safely. Depending on the size of your construction project, you may want to attempt it on your own; however, if you don’t know much about best practice construction waste removal, it is best to leave it to our experts at Star Skips

Star Skips

We are an established waste removal company situated in Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria and Johannesburg. As a proudly South African environmentally friendly company, we are here to provide you with immediate expert waste management and removal assistance. Catering to the domestic, commercial, corporate, industrial and construction sectors, we cover the waste removal for every type of industry. Whatever type of waste you need removed we can remove it – from event, garage, garden, home renovation, hospital, landscape, residential and restaurant waste, to construction waste removal. Additionally, we are also one of the only few waste removal companies that offer sand, stone and topsoil deliveries, which can be extremely helpful to the construction and landscaping industries.

Our Construction Waste Management Services

As an environmentally friendly waste management company, we are firm believers in protecting our environment. With the goal to make a difference to communities throughout South Africa, our construction waste removal services offer sustainable best practice solutions. Proud to be a waste management company at the forefront of best practice, we are firm believers of recycling. Through the distribution of recycling and composting methods that are in line with South Africa’s Integrated Pollution and Waste Management policies, we find responsible and eco-friendly ways to dispose of your construction rubble, concrete and steel.

If you’d like to learn more about our construction waste removal services, simply pick up the phone and chat to us today. Whichever Star Skips service you need, you call and we collect!