Hiring a Professional for You Construction Waste Removal Needs

Are you a construction company wondering how to go about with your construction waste removal and disposal? In the building and construction industry, construction waste management has never been more crucial in this age of globalisation, and needs to be dealt with in the most ethical manner possible. The correct best practice for construction waste management is not only one of the foundations of an evolved society – it’s also an important element of ecologically sustainable improvement.
Our Construction Waste Removal Solutions

Waste management has become a fundamental environmental and social responsibility that we, at Star Skips, have recognised and embraced. With the goal to make a difference to our environment and our economy, our Star Skips services offer sustainable best practice construction waste management solutions. Proud to be an environmentally friendly waste management company at the forefront of waste removal solutions, we are firm believers in protecting our environment.

We Believe in Recycling and Composting

What differentiates us from other waste removal companies is the way in which we dispose of your construction waste. While waste management is defined as the generation, categorisation, monitoring, prevention, transportation and the disposal of all types of waste – it’s important to understand that not all waste can be disposed of in the same manner. At Star Skips, we will never dump your waste, burn it, or cover it and just walk away. It really doesn’t matter whether your construction waste generation is small or large – we take the environment seriously and find responsible ways to dispose of your waste through the distribution of recycling and composting methods that are in line with South Africa’s Integrated Pollution and Waste Management policy.

We Can Remove it All

At Star Skips, our services cover the waste removal for every type of industry. Whatever construction waste you need removed, you can rely on our team of waste removal experts to provide you with the right solutions. We can remove it all – from building rubble, bricks, sand, garden waste, garage and yard clean-ups, home renovation scraps, restaurant waste and landscape waste, to garden refuse removal. Additionally, we are also one of the only few waste removal companies that offer sand, stone and topsoil deliveries, which can be extremely helpful to builders and landscapers.

In operation for many years, our aim at Star Skips is to make a difference to the environment through our ethical waste management solutions. Furthermore, our services will reduce your construction costs and help you to comply with environmental legislation.