Responsible, Efficient and Affordable Corporate Waste Management Services

Are you a commercial or corporate business wondering how to go about with waste management, removal and disposal? While the global focus on natural balance and environmental science has paved the way for the increase of collecting, recycling, processing, transporting and disposing of waste materials, the correct best practice for corporate waste management has never been more crucial in this age of globalisation.

Effective corporate waste management is not only one of the foundations of an evolved society – it is also an important element of ecologically sustainable improvement. Hospitals, restaurants, retail stores, shopping malls, schools, factories and corporate businesses create tons of waste each day and every week, and how we, as a society, choose to manage, remove and dispose of it has a direct impact on the future of our nation.

Waste can cause significant damage through the release of toxic chemical substances that not only emit poisonous elements into the air that we breathe, but also into our land and water resources. Improper and neglected corporate waste management not only risks environmental health, but it also affects the well-being of the public. Fortunately, as a modern society in South Africa, we have become more responsible when it comes to corporate waste management, and as a company that cares about the environment, we at Star Skips are here to help you manage your refuse responsibly, efficiently and affordably through the use of our waste removal bins.

How Our Star Skips Waste Removal Bins Work

At Star Skips, we cater to the needs of residential, commercial and corporate waste management throughout Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria and the entire Johannesburg region. In operation for many years, we are trained and experienced in the various waste removal methods, and manage the ethical removal, transportation and disposal of all types of corporate waste in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Our durable removal bins can handle anything from landscape waste, building rubble, bricks, food and sand, to general trash and so much more. Available in all sizes to make the disposal of refuse easy, convenient and fuss free, we can also offer you 2.5 tons / 2m³ waste removal bins that are ideal for those with smaller waste management needs. At Star Skips, we are flexible and offer delivery and collection options that range from the following:

  • Same day drop and collect;
  • Two day drop and collect (one collection);
  • Weekend drop (drop Friday afternoon and collect Monday morning); or
  • We can collect once a week or twice a week.
Whichever Star Skips services you need, you can rely on our expert team to provide you with the correct professional corporate waste management advice and service, ensuring that you get the right Star Skips hire package to suit your corporate waste removal requirements. Don’t delay; contact us right away to start disposing of your waste responsibly, efficiently and affordably for the sake of the environment.