Eco-friendly Waste Disposal through Skip Bins Service in Pretoria

Waste removal is often a problem when it comes to garden waste, especially when you’re cleaning a vacant piece of land or building site. We offer an affordable solution for homeowners, developers, retailers and anyone needing once off or regular removal of waste.

Skip Bins

Known as skip bins, the waste units are eco-friendly, neat and the best way to collect waste over a period. Star Skips is a franchise of Cape Skip and other areas where you’ll find these types of services, apart from Pretoria, include:

  • Durban
  • Johannesburg
  • Cape Town

Why Make Use of Star Skip?

We remove waste in the most environmentally friendly manner possible and thus help to reduce the human environmental footprint. Our pricing structure has been developed to ensure affordability, making it possible for just about anyone to make use of our fast and efficient services.  We furthermore believe in top-quality service delivery and strive to build lasting client relationships. This commitment is the driving force behind our efficiency, ensuring happy customers and a cleaner environment.

How it Works?

It is an exceptionally straightforward system. You can use our online booking form to request a quote. Our prices differ according to the location, number of bins and the regularity of pick-up:

  • Book the bin.
  • We drop the skip bin at your location.
  • You fill it.
  • We collect it.
  • We replace it with an empty bin if you need multiple collections.
  • We dispose of the waste in an eco-friendly manner.

 You can fill the bins with whatever you need to dispose of and we’ll collect the bins based on the options you select.

Skip Bin Collection Options

True to our commitment to quality service delivery we provide you with various options, giving you more control over your waste disposal:

  • Same day drop and collection.
  • Two day drop and collection (one collection).
  • Weekend drop (the bin is dropped on Friday and collected on Monday morning).
  • One week, one collection.
  • One week, two collections.

 What to do Next for Convenient Waste Disposal in Pretoria

You can further customise your package through the addition of days or collections. In addition, we provide sand and stone delivery services and free landfill when available. Don’t pay more for services you need. View our full range of skip bin services, navigate to the booking page and complete the form for an obligatory free and accurate quote.

Skip Bins Gauteng