Reduce your Carbon Footprint with Star Skips’ Event Waste Management

Are you an organisation or an event management company looking for a waste management service to help you with the clean-up, removal and disposal of your waste in the most environmentally friendly way possible? Well, you can end your search right now because you have found us at Star Skips!

Whether you are hosting an outdoor festival, party, sports event, concert, fund raising event, expo or trade show, all these events have one universal thing in common, and that is generating a lot of waste. In fact, the average event is known to generate up to 3 tons of waste, which is a lot trash when you think about it. But more importantly, have you thought about where this waste goes?

The Effect of Waste on our Environment

The disposal of waste has been a key concern for the planet for many years now and as we move into a modern society, we are becoming more aware of waste management, especially since learning about the damage that it has on our environment. Did you know that when we dump our waste into a landfill, and burn and bury it, we are enabling the pollution of our air with a greenhouse gas called methane? Furthermore, we are also polluting our land and water resources, as the toxins leach into the earth, which goes directly into our precious water supply. This may come as a shock to many of you, but this method of waste disposal is the common practice for most waste disposal companies! Fortunately, not with us at Star Skips!

We Believe in Recycling

Did you know that up to 90% of trash can actually be recycled? At Star Skips, we are passionate about keeping our environment clean and green, which is why when it comes to getting the very best event waste removal bins in Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria and the entire Johannesburg region, you can definitely count on us!

First and foremost, we are an environmentally friendly waste removal company that not only focuses on event waste management, but we also cater to domestic and commercial waste removal and disposal throughout South Africa. As firm believers of recycling, we always dispose of waste through intelligent recycling and composting methods. Through the use of our Star Skips waste removal bins, which come in a range of sizes, we simply deliver and collect at arranged times.

When you partner with our team, at Star Skips, you will never have to worry about efficiency, professionalism and reliability. With many years of experience in the event waste management industry, we have built a solid reputation of trust with our clients who rely on our punctuality, standards and green ethics. So, next time you are hosting an event, make the right choice for the environment and partner with us, at Star Skips! We will help you reduce your carbon footprint, responsibly and efficiently.