Hire Waste Removal Bins for Home Renovations and Garden Refuge

Home renovations and improvements normally go along with a tremendous amount of waste. Even small projects generate waste and experienced home renovators will tell you that hiring waste removal bins is the way to go because you will:

  • Save time in not having to remove and transport the waste to a landfill area.
  • Save money in not having to pay for transport, vehicle maintenance and the entrance fee to the landfill area.
  • Protect the environment since Star Skips disposes waste in the most environmentally friendly way possible.
  • Reduce the rubbish that is in your garden while renovating.
  • Have all the rubbish removed once the bin is full or at the intervals that you schedule.
  • Know upfront how much waste removal will cost you.


Not only home renovators, but building contractors and homeowners benefit from using the environmentally friendly waste removal bin service from Star Skips. Whether you want bricks removed or need the garden refuge safely disposed, you will notice that your garden will be neater when filling the bins directly as opposed to piling the waste in heaps until you can find someone to remove the waste.

By using the skip bins to safely dispose of the waste immediately and have such picked up at the scheduled times, you create a safer work and living environment. Ropes, stones, bricks, pieces of glass and other debris are all potential hazards for small children, employees, animals and the residents of homes. Don’t let waste become a health or injury risk. Simply make use of a trusted company such as Star Skips to manage the waste for you through the waste removal bin system. The system is straightforward and there are no unpleasant costing surprises.

Oftentimes when people make use of an off-the-street contractor to remove waste from their property they end up paying more than agreed upon. Not so when making use of our services. We provide an easy-to-use quote request system to minimise the risk of under or over quoting.

People also find that the risk of hiring an off-the-street or classified ads contractor is simply not worth it. They don’t want a stranger to wander through their property and get the chance to identify potential weak points in their security or see exactly what valuables are on their property. With the waste removal bins available from us, we simply drop-off the bins at the location you stipulate and pick them up. You work with a trusted company and our employees don’t wander through your property.

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