How Your Business Will Benefit from Hiring a Skip

More often than not, we find ourselves in the predicament of having too much refuse than we are able to get rid of in one go. What would usually follow is that this refuse becomes a hazard to your business premises and can even impede your operations. Once this happens the only option that we normally see is to get rid of it by dumping it. This means hiring a trailer or private refuse removal van, which will end up adversely affecting your bottom line. There is another option, however, and it is skip rental.

Skip hire remains one of the best and most affordable ways available to businesses to reliably take care of any refuse that needs to be seen to. You can now reliably get rid of trash without breaking the bank or having rubble accumulate on your business premises that can attract rodent infestations and other health concerns.

Hire a Skip from Star Skips

If you are looking for affordable skip hire for your business or even residential property, then we have the solutions you are after. Here are only a few idea applications that our skips are suited for:

  • Restaurant waste removal;
  • Domestic garden waste removal;
  • Building rubble removal for small to medium sized construction sites;
  • Home renovation projects;
  • Yard and garage clean ups;
  • Sand, stone and topsoil deliveries; and
  • Small business parks, townhouses and residences, among many others.

These are only a few of the many different applications that you can hire a skip from Star Skips for. We make use of 2.5 ton / 2m3 skips that are smaller in size than conventional ones. This further makes it pretty ideal for smaller projects and waste management needs.

Star Skips is a franchise of Cape Skip and services the Pretoria region. One of the ways in which we work hard to distinguish ourselves from our competitors, is our commitment to removing waste in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We do this while also striking the important balance of keeping our customers happy through excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

We will drop a skip at your location, fill it and collect it again at the same drop off location. We will also provide you with another empty skip if you opted for multiple collections. We will then effectively get rid of the waste in the most eco-friendly manner possible. Contact Star Skips to learn more about our value-adding, competitive services and how easy it is to hire a skip.

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