Top Benefits of Star Skips Rubbish Removal Services

Considering hiring a professional rubbish removal service? Welcome to Star Skips! A proudly established waste removal company that can be found in provinces throughout South Africa, we take great pride in offering small to large corporate businesses, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, schools, retailers, manufacturing plants, residential neighbourhoods, business complexes and building sites the effective handling of their rubbish removal needs.

If you’re on the fence about whether you should be disposing of your rubbish yourself or whether you should hire a professional rubbish removal company to do it for you, then take a look at some of the top benefits of our rubbish removal services.

  • We Keep Businesses Clean – hygiene and rubbish removal go hand in hand, and as a business, you simply cannot risk an unhealthy or dangerous working environment, as it can easily lead to fatalities and accidents. At Star Skips, we know how important cleanliness is to our business, which means that it must be just as important to yours. Whether you’re managing a building site, boarding school, B&B, old-age home, restaurant or a large apartment complex – we at Star Skips can help you keep your business clean through our efficient fleet of trucks and durable industrial bins.
  • We Help Businesses Recycle – at Star Skips, we’re an environmentally friendly waste removal company that has proudly been at the forefront of the green movement since our early inception. Firm believers in disposing waste in the most biologically and natural way possible, our aim is to offer you the very best recyclable rubbish removal services and solutions that will definitely leave you feeling good about your environmental footprint.
  • We Offer Businesses and Homes Convenience – our rubbish removal bins can handle anything from garden waste, building rubble, bricks and sand, to general trash and so much more. What’s more is our bins are available in all sizes to make the disposal of rubbish easy and convenient. We can also offer you our 2.5 ton / 2m³ waste removal bins, which are ideal for smaller rubbish removal needs.


At Star Skips, our services cover the waste removal for every type of industry, which also includes large sporting and corporate events, and music festivals. It doesn’t matter whether your waste generation is small or large – we remove, transport, recycle and dispose with policies that are in line with South Africa’s Integrated Pollution and Waste Management policy.

With an aim to make a difference to the environment through our waste management solutions, take a stand against environmental pollution and be waste wise with us! Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and services.