An Affordable Sand Delivery Service Delivered Right to Your Door

As one of the most common materials on the surface of planet earth, sand is a naturally occurring material resulting from the physical and chemical breakdown of rocks, such as calcium carbonate (limestone), aluminium silicate (feldspar) or silicon dioxide (quartz). Recognised as a textural class of soil or soil type, sand is not just for children’s sand pits, rivers or beaches, in fact, many products used in everyday life are made from this resource.

In order for you to actually be able to make use of this remarkable natural resource and complete your project, you must be able to get the sand to your site. Whether you require sand to be used for agriculture, bricks, cob, mortar, concrete, glass, paint, pottery, as a filter to purify water, or an abrasive to make sandpaper, you will more than likely need the sand to be delivered to your location in bulk.  At Star Skips, we are here to tell you that you do not need to go out and buy your very own sand delivery truck to deliver sand to your jobsite, because we offer an affordable sand delivery service right to your door.

About Star Skips

First and foremost, we at Star Skips are an environmentally friendly waste removal company. Our aim is to offer you the very best eco-friendly waste removal services that will definitely leave you impressed and feeling better about your environmental footprint. Secondly, we deliver high-quality and affordable sand. Cost is always a factor when choosing a sand delivery supplier; however, at Star Skips, we offer all of our customers the most competitive sand delivery rates in South Africa.

At Star Skips, we understand that in your industry, time is money and that is why we place great emphasis on timely deliver, so you can focus on other aspects while you leave the transport and quality issues to us. With branches spread throughout South Africa, from Cape Town and Durban, to Pretoria and Johannesburg, you will never have to waste your time searching the yellow pages for bulk quality sand delivery again.

Not only are we customer service driven, but we are also flexible enough to meet your every quantity need. It does not matter whether your job is big or small – we can assist you with a variety of quality sand types and quantities, which will not only save you money in the long run, but will also help you complete your project in a more timely fashion.

When it comes to getting the very best waste removal and sand delivery in South Africa, you can definitely count on Star Skips. To learn more about our sand delivery quality, quantities and costs, contact our friendly customer service team today.