Star Skips Solid Waste Disposal Solutions

Ever wondered about where solid waste comes from, where it goes and how it gets there? While South Africa has made great advancements in addressing key issues regarding solid waste disposal – from commercial, residential, and industrial to building waste – waste disposal still remains a huge issue throughout each province of South Africa.

A Glance at the Statistics

You probably don’t know that South Africa generates over 42 million cubic metres of general waste a year? While the largest percentage comes from Gauteng. which is around 45% of South Africa's entire municipal waste, the City of Cape Town generates 70% of the municipal waste in the Western Cape alone. While KwaZulu-Natal is responsible for more than 5 million cubic metres of hazardous waste each year, the biggest contributors of the solid waste stream is mining waste (72.3%), followed by pulverized fuel ash (6.7%), agricultural waste (6.1%), urban waste (4.5%) and then there is sewage waste.

You also probably don’t know that the average amount of solid waste generated per person each day in South Africa is just over 0.7kg. When you think about the amount of waste we’re generating, one has to wonder where it all goes! Well, of the estimated 1 200 landfill sites in operation throughout the country, we have about 10 years left. Yes, we’re running out of landfill space, which means as a nation we need to refine our solid waste disposal practices and find better, healthier disposal solutions. And that’s why we at Star Skips exist!

Our Aim is to Make a Difference to the Environment

A fundamental environmental and social responsibility, we recognised the need for solid waste disposal assistance in South Africa. As a waste management company at the forefront of waste management solutions, our aim is to make a difference to the environment, and that’s why we offer unrivalled quality, service and support to all industry sectors within South Africa. While not all waste can be disposed of in the same way, the very best solution for reducing pressure on landfill space is through disposal solutions, such as recycling and composting, and that’s exactly what we do.

How Our Services Work

With policies that are in line with South Africa’s Integrated Pollution and Waste Management policy, our services cover the waste removal and disposal for every type of industry, including businesses, homes, large sporting, corporate events and music festivals. Through the delivery and removal of our bins, we will find ethical ways of disposing your waste in the most biological and natural way possible. To learn more about our services and solutions, contact us today.